Below are several helpful links for further bibliographical and lexical research.


Galeno Latino: a list of Latin translations of Galen and their manuscripts.

CMG Galen & Hippocrates Bibliographies: an ongoing list of editions, translations, and research on the Galenic and Hippocratic Corpuses, including “Pseudo-Galen” and “Pseudo-Hippocrates”.

Pinakes: an online database of Greek and Latin manuscripts. For medical texts, try searching by author first.

Biusanté Medicina Bibliographie: a page with bibliographies assembled on various topics, including a helpful bibliography on medical language.

Words in Progress: for those pesky Greek words that defy a casual LSJ glance.

Corpus Corporum: provides a searchable database for Latin authors, many of which are technical writers without coverage on PHI Latin Texts. The collection is still in progress.