Antyllus on Throwing Some Weights Around

Antyllus ap. Oribasius Coll.Med. 6.34 (CMG VI.1.1, 186.26-187.4 Raeder)

On Tossing Weights, from the same <book>

1 Throwing weights is a harsh exercise. It is appropriate when the stomaxos is suffering from flux, exhaustion, and sourness, and when the belly is suffering from poor digestion. It works out the shoulders quite well and makes them strong. It is not helpful for the head or the chest. 2 There is a difference when it comes to the weights. Either they are tossed by extending and bending the hands in turns; or they are only held up and stretched forth with the hands keeping still for the most part and making small movements, and those doing this exercise step and swing like boxers; or they do the exercise by bending their hands alongside with their lower back. The first kind of this exercise has the aforementioned effects. The second kind strengthens the legs and tendons and purges material. The third kind is beneficial to the lower back and the loins and softens them, but it is very bad on the head.